Re-shore Tooling

Example of reshored production tooling
Example of a reshored production tool in need of cleaning

OEE Companies can help you to re-shore your production die cast tooling. One of the largest challenges in reshoring manufacturing tooling is to bridge the gap between tool condition and the new casting supplier. Tooling from overseas often does not arrive with 3D data, 2D drawings or a clear picture of the condition and usefulness for continued production. The lack of reference files and clear status of the tool condition can lead to unplanned production cost increases, rejection by potential casting suppliers and significant time delays.


OEE Companies has the capability to receive your tooling into the US or Mexico, conduct an initial assessment, create 2D and 3D records, and refurbish the tool to proper operating condition. In addition to tool analysis and refurbishment, OEE can provide flow simulation services in order to assist you with information when selecting new casting suppliers. Contact or call (612) 440-5714 to discuss your re-shore tooling.

Initial assessment of your Re-shore tooling

Facilities in Mexico and the US

3D design and 2D drawings for tools that arrive without data

Refurbishment of tooling to working condition

Flow simulation and technical assistance with supplier selection