Four Slide Tooling / Multi-Slide Tooling

multi slide casting die with ejector plate
rear view of a multislide die casting die
four slide die casting tool

OEE Companies can design and manufacture your specialized four slide tooling for multi-slide zinc die casting applications. Our advanced multi-slide tools are tailored to meet the unique demands of four-slide die casting, enabling you to create intricate and finely detailed zinc components with unmatched precision consistence and speed. Experience seamless multi-slide movements and optimized cooling systems, reducing cycle times and boosting productivity. Embrace the versatility of our tooling options, as they empower you to manufacture complex parts with minimal post-processing, saving time and resources. With our multi-slide tooling, achieve tighter tolerances, smoother surface finishes, and superior part integrity, elevating the overall quality of your zinc die cast products. To receive a quotation or to discuss your application please email or call (612) 440-5714.

Four Slide / Multi-Slide Tooling for Zinc Die Casting

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Premium H13 Steel

2 x 2 ; 4 x 4; 6 x 6 multi-slide tooling